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As you can see from the list below, there are many ministries within the parish which you might like to know more about, or even become involved with. If you would like any further information on our parish or any of the ministries mentioned here, please phone the parish office.

(Children & Adults) MINISTRY

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The Altar Servers Ministry is now thriving with Servers both young and old. Adults and Children alike are now ministering at Mass during the week and at the weekend.
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This group looks after the washing of altar linen, decorating the sanctuary & care of altar vessels.
BAPTISM PREPARATION GROUP This ministry involves meeting with families about to have a child baptized, so that they can participate more fully in the celebration of the sacrament and understand better the responsibilities it carries with it.
CATHOLICS RETURNING HOME MINISTRY The Catholics Returning Home team will run a series of six meetings for any persons from the wider community interested in coming back to the church.


Children’s Liturgy
Here at Our Lady of Graces we have a strong and talented team who lead Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the 9am masses every 1st, 2nd, 4th &  5th  Sunday.  There is no Children’s Liturgy on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

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Children are invited after the Gathering Hymn to proceed to the parish library for readings, gospel and discussion appropriate for prep and primary school aged children.  Those not yet of school age are welcomed to attend if accompanied by an adult.  Parents are welcome to attend with children of any age.  All return to the church for the Procession of Gifts (offertory).

Children’s Mass
The 5.30pm Sunday Mass on the 3rd Sunday of each month, is a Mass particularly for children, although all ages attend.  At this Mass children take a very active role, reading, singing, collecting and bringing up the offertory.   The sermon is directed at primary schooler’s understanding.

COMMUNION TO THE SICK MINISTRY Every weekend there is a dedicated group of parishioners who take Holy Communion to those parishioners who are not able to attend Mass.
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Each Sunday after the 9am Mass morning tea is provided by a different family on a monthly rotational system. There’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea and a biscuit after Mass to catch up with other parishioners!
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These men and women assist the priest at weekend and weekday Masses in distributing Holy Communion.
LITURGY COMMITTEE The Liturgy Committee at Our Lady of Graces is in its infancy. However, it is making progress on several issues faced by the Ministries in the Parish.
MAINTENANCE MINISTRY This is a dedicated group who are willing to share their talents for keeping all the parish’s property in good working order.
MONEY COUNTERS This group counts and records the weekend collections.
MONEY COLLECTORS The collection plate is passed around every weekend by a team of regular volunteers who coordinate the collection of money in the parish.
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The music ministry at Our Lady of Graces is catered for by a diverse range of musicians whose goal is to provide musical accompaniment which responds to the varying tastes of parishioners and is in accord with Church laws.
PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL The Parish Finance Council is responsible for the financial matters faced by the Parish. Budgetary matters are sent to this council for discussion and approval.
PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL The Parish Pastoral Council is the policy body of the parish. It meets once a month to discuss impending matters affecting the Parish.
PARISH SHOP MINISTRY This group runs the religious items shop attached to the church.  Items are sold at a very small margin, with profit donated to the Society of St Vincent de Paul.
PARISH & SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP The function of this group is to discern and promote ways in which the parish community and St. Martin’s school community can work together for the good of both groups.
PARISH YOUTH MINISTRY The Youth Council in the parish is working towards providing a cohesive ministry to the various age groups of youth in the parish, which will engage the youth in faith based activities.
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Each weekend the Data Projector Operators coordinate the slides so that the congregation is able to follow the words of the hymns and prayers used at Mass. Operators also control other multimedia, like videos and DVDs, that the assembly need to see.
R.C.I.A. MINISTRY Run by a dedicated team, the RCIA ministry has been successful in assisting many parishioners to join the Catholic Church. Every year the RCIA is able to bring people to God, assisting in many faith journeys. Please click here for more information.
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Every day readers of the Word who minister scripture to the congregation through the readings and the psalms. With clear pronunciation and loud voices, they bring the scriptures to life at each Mass!
SACRAMENTAL MINISTRY This parish group assists families each year to prepare their children for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and the Eucharist.
STATE SCHOOL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION This small but dedicated group provides religious education for some of the State Schools on our parish area.  The need in this area is great; we can always accommodate willing new members.
TRANSPORT TO MASS MINISTRY Some of our parishioners would not be able to get to Sunday Mass were it not for the help of those kind people happy to give them a lift.
WELCOMING COMMITTEE Most people appreciate it when someone tries to make them feel welcome at Mass and other church functions. The Welcoming Committee’s aim is that our parishioners and visitors feel they are welcome members of our community.  Please click here for more information.

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